Wednesday, August 8, 2007

U.S. Military Endorses End of Days Reglious Fanaticism for Troops

"With the endorsement of the Defense Department, OSU is mailing "Freedom Packages" to soldiers serving in Iraq. These are not your grandfather's care packages, however. Besides pairs of white socks and boxes of baby wipes (included at the apparent suggestion of Iran-Contra felon Oliver North, according to OSU) OSU's care packages contain the controversial Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game. The game is inspired by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' bestselling pulp fiction series about a blood-soaked Battle of Armageddon pitting born-again Christians against anybody who does not adhere to their particular theology. In LaHaye's and Jenkins' books, the non-believers are ultimately condemned to "everlasting punishment" while the evangelicals are "raptured" up to heaven."
Kill Or Convert, Brought To You By the Pentagon

What's happening to our separation between church and state? Further, why are we bringing that into a Muslim country? Notice the use of the words "crusade" by the members of this group.

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