Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fox News, Getting Caught Too Many Times Mislabeling Disgraced Republicans, Just Doesn't Label Sen. Craig

Crooks and Liars » FOXNews Isn’t Sure What Party Senator Larry Craig Belongs To

UPDATE: As Media Matters points out, on August 27th, between 5:00pm and 11:00pm, FOXNews devoted just 3:47 seconds to the Larry Craig scandal as opposed to 8:26 from MSNBC and 20:38 from CNN.


Anonymous said...


Here is a challenge. The next 10 scandals, let's see how far it takes the AP to identify the party of the scoundrel.

I am willing to bet a nice steak at Mortons, that we will see fewer (D) than (R).

I am glad for Media Matters, but thier exposures are completely one way.

TTH said...

I'll take the bet. And for the first piece of evidence I bring forth the media coverage of Hillary's Hsu fundraiser getting lots of headlines, while Romney's illegal fundraiser doesn't get any headlines.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because Hsu is much worse. Not even the same league.

TTH said...

How do you figure?