Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elections in Turkey Move Toward

This country has the 2nd largest standing military in NATO behind the U.S. The army supports a separation of mosque and state. This secular code was introduced by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey's founder. The army has worked actively against Gul, who was just elected president, and in 1997 helped ban his Welfare Party for mixing Islam and politics. At the time, Gul and the Welfare Party, "advocated closer relations with Libya and Iran, accused Western nations of immorality and encouraged women to wear Islamic-style headscarves." This is a shift away from western ideals.
Bloomberg.com: Gul is Elected Turkey's President

Now Bush's foreign policy isn't directly responsible for this, but it is my belief that it has had a significant influence. Bush is NOT a uniter, he's a divider. He is not only dividing the U.S., he is making us less safe by dividing the world against us. His push to break down the walls between church and state are catching on. Other countries are taking notice, and breaking down their own walls.

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Anonymous said...

Come on TTH, this is a stretch.

You honestly think Bush is the significant contributor to the events in Turkey?

TTH said...

Why ask that question when I disclaim it clearly in my comment?

I do feel that our foreign policy effects political outcomes in other countries...especially in Muslim countries. We can debate the size of those effects, but I post these things to reiterate the importance of the U.S.'s image and our foreign policy in the world.