Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Member of the "Family Values" Party Showing True Colors

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men's public restroom, according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call Monday afternoon.
Idaho's Craig Arrested in June at Minnesota Airport - Real Clear Politics - Mid Term Elections - Elections 2008 - TIME

It seems that the louder people scream about the "immorality" of others, the more skeletons they have in their own closet...Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Ken Mehlman, Charlie Crist, David Vitter, Strom Thurmond, Henry Hide, Bob Packwood, Newt Gingrich. The obvious solution is to accept people for who they are, and not support politicians who attempt to legislate morality.

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