Friday, August 10, 2007

Russia Resumes Cold War Flights (must read)

"Two Russian bombers flew thousands of miles across Pacific Ocean waters to the vicinity of Guam, site of a major U.S. military base, where U.S. jets intercepted them, the Russian air force said Thursday. The flights renewed a type of military gamesmanship that has been largely dormant in the Pacific since the Cold War ended.

"It was always a tradition for our long-range aircraft to fly far over the ocean, where pilots met American airplanes and visually greeted them," Maj. Gen. Pavel Androsov told reporters Thursday. "On Wednesday, we renewed that tradition.

"The maneuver was Moscow's latest display of a resurgent armed forces after years of decline in the 1990s. Restoring the luster of the military has been a key element of President Vladimir Putin's effort to renew Russian pride, which collapsed along with the Soviet Union.

An influx of oil money has allowed Russia to invest in new weaponry, expand its military presence in Europe and Asia, and conduct costly, elaborate exercises using aging elements of its arsenal." (emphasis mine)

Russia Says U.S. Intercepted 2 of Its Bombers Over Pacific -

Bush and the NeoCons' short-sighted, pre-emptive, bullying foreign policies, including the war for oil, are restarting the Cold War. Further, he's helping fund the other side by spending $1 trillion on annexing another country's oil, thus driving up oil prices for Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. Even further, he's bringing the other side together with new, more powerful allies, i.e. China.

You cannot put a price on integrity and credibility. Bushco has ruined what took this country generations to build. The result is that we no longer lead nations of the world by example. It is now easy for communist dictators and fascist leaders to discredit the U.S. by simply pointing toward our hypocritical wars, secret torture prisons, abuses of power, executive branch secrecy, and spying on citizens. These despots no longer need to fear their own citizens, because their citizens don't have an untarnished shining beacon on the hill to give them hope and courage to demand change.

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