Friday, August 3, 2007

Gates On Iraq: "We Probably All Underestimated...How Difficult It Would Be"

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today that he was discouraged by the departure of the major Sunni Arab bloc from Iraq’s coalition government, and noted that the Bush administration may have misjudged the difficulty of achieving reconciliation among Iraq’s sectarian factions.
Gates Offers Blunt Assessment of Iraqi Progress - New York Times

No, Mr. Gates. Many of us knew with all likelihood what we were getting into. Further, we knew with all likelihood the cost estimates you gave us were complete bullshit. We knew this because we had a perfect example in our country's recent past to learn from. You told us we were wrong when we said it would likely be a quagmire. We were right. You were wrong. We "all" did NOT underestimate this. You did.

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