Thursday, August 9, 2007

US Hegemony Spawns Russian-Chinese Military Alliance (must read)

"This week the Russian and Chinese militaries are conducting a joint military exercise involving large numbers of troops and combat vehicles. The former Soviet Republics of Tajikistan, Kyrgkyzstan, and Kazakstan are participating. Other countries appear ready to join the military alliance. This new potent military alliance is a real world response to neoconservative delusions about US hegemony. Neocons believe that the US is supreme in the world and can dictate its course."
US Hegemony Spawns Russian-Chinese Military Alliance by Paul Craig Roberts

This is key. The concepts of "pre-emptive war", a "Coaliton of the Willing" (rather than a real coalition), and nation-building are hegemonic activities. These go-it-alone, bullying tactics make nations suspicious of our intentions, and ruined our credibility worldwide. As a result, nations which are serious threats to us are making alliances, improving their relations, and signing treaties to counter the threat from the U.S. Previously, they had talked to us, and not to each other. Our influence to make change in the world, based on the example we set, was strong because we had relative honesty and integrity with our foreign policy dealings. Now, our ability to convince these countries that they should move more toward freedom, democracy, and capitalism is seriously injured. A world where Russia and China are looking toward each other for advice about how to run their governments vs. looking toward the U.S. makes the world and the U.S. less safe. The human, intelligence, military, and resources of these countries make Iraq and Iran look insignificant.

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