Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hedge funds gain access to $200bn Fed aid / US / Economy & Fed - Hedge funds gain access to $200bn Fed aid

Your tax dollars helping HEDGE FUNDS! This is just corruption at its finest...and biggest.

AP study finds $1.6B went to bailed-out bank execs

As We Ponder Madoff's Ponzi Scheme, Consider that Social Security IS a Ponzi Scheme

FBI diverts anti-terror agents to Bernard Madoff $50 billion swindle

FBI diverts anti-terror agents to Bernard Madoff $50 billion swindle - Times Online

Another example of big guys get away with things, little guys go to jail. Why did Madoff avoid scrutiny for so long? Most likely he paid some of the auditors off.

The Failure in Afghanistan Echoes Soviet's Failure

Afghanistan: Soviet failures echo for US |

Man, who could have ever predicted that?

Factories Don't Disappear in Bankruptcy

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion Exclusive

And there is it, my friends. A good 'ol looting of the Treasury. Keep supporting the system, boys, it's workin' great!

How Did the Bailout in Ancient Rome Work Out?

A Brief History of CIA Involvement in Drugs

Jim Rogers: "Auto Failure Good For America"

China and Russia Vow to Have Militaries Work Closer

False Flag Operations that Have Changed Our World

Small Banks Still Waiting for Bailout Funds

Many small banks waiting to access gov't funds - Yahoo! Finance

AIG, Bear, Citigroup, and Goldman got their money right away. Why aren't the little guys? Hmmm.

Bipartisan Senate Committee Issues Report Concluding Torture OK by Bush Admin.

The Torture Presidency—By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)
"This week the Senate Armed Services Committee issued a powerful report, released jointly by chair Carl Levin and ranking member John McCain, that received the unanimous support of its 13 Democratic and 12 Republican members. The report concluded that Donald Rumsfeld and other high-level officials of the administration consciously adopted a policy for the torture and abuse of prisoners held in the war on terror."

The Fed CAUSES Booms & Busts, Doesn't Protect Us From Them

The Guy Who Blew the Whistle on Wiretaps on Americans

Federal Reserve sets Stage for Weimar-style Hyperinflation

Rove's IT Guy Dies in Plane Crash Just Before Testifying