Friday, July 20, 2007

Wow! Must-Read NY Times Article on Ron Paul

There is something homespun about Paul, reminiscent of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." He communicates with his constituents through birthday cards, August barbecues and the cookbooks his wife puts together every election season, which mix photos of grandchildren, Gospel passages and neighbors’ recipes for Velveeta cheese fudge and Cherry Coke salad. He is listed in the phone book, and his constituents call him at home. But there is also something cosmopolitan and radical about him...

This side of Paul has made him the candidate of many people, on both the right and the left, who hope that something more consequential than a mere change of party will come out of the 2008 elections...(emphasis mine)

Much later, after the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, he began reading St. Augustine. "I was annoyed by the evangelicals’ being so supportive of pre-emptive war, which seems to contradict everything that I was taught as a Christian," he recalls. "The religion is based on somebody who’s referred to as the Prince of Peace."
The Antiwar, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Drug-Enforcement-Administration, Anti-Medicare Candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul

Both Republicans and Democrats seem to be in morass in Washington. They are viewed as self-serving, corrupt, and ineffective. It's very understandable. It's nothing more complicated than our basic human weakness of desire for power and its inherent corruption. I think most people understand this, but feel stuck for a solution.

Ron Paul has an idea, however. His suggestion is very simple, and addresses this root cause directly; limit the consolidation of power in any one entity/individuals' hand, and restore it back into the hands of the individual. By shifting power in this way, individuals can only legally create change through persuasion and mutually-beneficial transactions, rather than force. The result is a moral society based upon respect for an individual and his/her rights and liberties. How can a society built on this basis not command the respect of its people and have integrity among nations?

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