Monday, July 30, 2007

Bush's False Claim That We're Fighting Them There So We Don't Have to Fight Them Here

"It's also misleading for Bush to imply that there is some finite number of volunteers for jihadist duty, that they're all being drawn to Iraq and that exterminating them there will bring victory. The daily suicide bombings and other attacks in Iraq, in Afghanistan and elsewhere indicate that, after six years, we haven't diminished the unending supply of jihadists willing to die for their cause. Killing a few hundred or a few thousand of them in Iraq is like whacking the cockroaches you see running across your kitchen counter. It ignores the zillions that are breeding in the walls."
Bush's folly - Los Angeles Times

The above paragraph is key. The whole argument of those who wish to fight terrorism through the use of aggression and occupying foreign countries hinges on the fact that there is a fixed number of terrorists, and once we kill them, we will "win." This is just silly. The longer we're there, the more they will want us out of there. Average Iraqis are turning against us as they see more and more of their family and friends killed by our soldiers and civilian contractors.

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