Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush Shoots Down Children's Health Plan

"President Bush yesterday rejected entreaties by his Republican allies that he compromise with Democrats on legislation to renew a popular program that provides health coverage to poor children, saying that expanding the program would enlarge the role of the federal government..." (emphasis mine)
Bush: No Deal On Children's Health Plan -

Bush, now that he doesn't have a Republican congress, is all of a sudden rejecting spending on "philosophical grounds." He didn't veto ONE spending measure that his Republican congress sent him. Spending during those years rose 45%, NOT including war costs. Giant increases in entitlement programs were common. The prescription drug program was the largest increase in an entitlement program EVER. When Bush uses his ideology selectively it breeds distrust. Why are you sticking to it now? Why not before? When one uses government power to play politics and help your buddies' businesses, it's not sticking to your "philosophical" ideals, it's graft and immoral. If you want to see someone making consistent decisions based on philosophical grounds look no further than Ron Paul. Because he is so consistent, his integrity is intact. This is what makes a good leader, one we can respect.

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