Friday, July 20, 2007

Drink most to blame for violent offences

"Violent crime is overwhelmingly fuelled by drink rather than drugs, with nearly half of all incidents linked to alcohol, according to the British Crime Survey published yesterday. Just 17% of violent offences are committed by people who have been using drugs, the figures show."
Drink most to blame for violent offences | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics

Maybe the wrong substance is illegal? Wait, we tried that and crime went up.
People who wish to keep "drugs" (and by this they randomly choose those not created by Budweiser, Pfizer, Coke, Starbucks, or Marlboro) illegal always seem to be afraid of ultra-potent versions of them...crack, heroin, etc... But, the fact is, when alcohol was illegal, people drank moonshine, an ultra-powerful and harmful version of alcohol. When it was made legal, corporations (who are within the confines of the legal system, and are therefore able to be sued) decided to produce a "safe" product at much lower doses. Consumer, who are smart, chose the lower dose, safer versions, as well. Why do they not think the same process will occur for cocoa leaves, poppy flowers, etc...?

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