Thursday, July 12, 2007

Republicans blocked proposal to give our troops in Iraq more rest between battle

"U.S. Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a proposal to give American troops in Iraq more rest from battle, as Democrats renewed their attempts to change President George W. Bush's Iraq policy."
Senate Republicans stop more leave for troops - Yahoo! News

Why do most of you seem to think that if you want to "support the troops" you should vote for Republicans?

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Anonymous said...

Seriously TTH, you think that by voting for Democrats that our funding for the military will increase? What, in the history of the past 50 years, would leave you to believe that?

I understand that you suffer from "Bush Dergangement Syndrome" and you hate the president and all that he stands for. But, your ignorance to the true facts is quite astounding. Just this month, key Democrats have proposed cutting off funding to the troops.

We aren't talking stoping funding for leave, but stopping funding for the troops entirely. You need to get a grip and understand the entire situation.

TTH said...

I think it is you who are ignorant of the facts. Show me one piece of evidence that Democrats proposed cutting off funding for the troops entirely. Until you do, get your own grip. Stop watching "news" that you know to be propaganda. You're getting your facts wrong and filling your head with their fear-mongering. The post I added here about watchers of Fox News and their ignorance of the facts should be all you need to know in order to want to switch channels. It's not factual stuff. You're willingly filling your head with bad info, stop watching it.

You are trying to use scare tactics to suggest an image of U.S. soldiers running around Iraq unarmed without helmets. This is just ridiculous. All proposals fully funded a safe withdrawal.

Congress funds wars. They have the right to defund them. Why do you buy into the scare tactics of the NeoCons to think it's anything more complicated than that?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that by cutting funding to the troops, effectively forcing withdrawl from Iraq, makes us, and the Iraqi citizens safer?