Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Goldman Sachs Guru Warns of War-Debt Failure

"Foreign banks are dumping dollar reserves, while we gorge on cheap toys and bad pet food. Actually, our biggest "terrorist" threat is internal: Distorted values are downgrading our nation's "creditworthiness." We're like out-of-control kids with stolen credit cards, spending our future with no plans to repay."
Is America becoming a global credit risk? - MarketWatch

We cannot afford to police the world. Overexpansion of empire is how Rome fell, do we wish the same fate? Republicans got control of our government and we found out the truth...they are not fiscal conservatives. Bush is the first president to cut taxes during wartime. Bush is looting the nation, and causing a tremendous burden for our children and our grandchildren. If you believe in the concept of no taxation without representation, how can you think it is ethical to financially burden people who aren't even born yet?

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Anonymous said...

Really, truth handler?


Doesn't seem completely unusual to me.

TTH said...

see "59 trillion" post above