Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Defending Marriage By Using Prostitutes

“You no doubt remember how the Theopublicans tried to push through a Constitutional amendment to nationalize marriage by forbidding states to allow gay marriage. This was all about the ’sanctity of marriage.’ Allowing gays to marry was defiling and destructive. That’s what they said, these defenders of marriage. One US Senator waxed eloquently about his strong, Christian committment to his God and his family and explained why his country should have the same passion for morality that he does. … This ‘original co-author of the federal marriage amendment’ drove the point home with a photo of him smiling at his wife and child while resting his hand on the head of another child. … The Senator in question was Theopublican moralist David Vitter of Louisiana. He has made a career out of verbal gay bashing and his purported defense of marriage. And apparently at some point while he was defending traditional marriage he was banging hookers on the side.”
Classically Liberal: Prostitute degrades self by banging moralistic Senator

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