Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Army misses recruiting goal again, raises worry

The U.S. Army, strained by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, missed its recruiting goal for the second straight month in June, indicating a trend that some defense officials on Monday called worrying. The Army will announce the monthly data on Tuesday. Army spokesmen would not discuss the specific figures. But some defense officials said the Army significantly missed its June goal of 8,400 recruits. One official placed the shortfall at about 15 percent, a major gap for a typically strong month when recruiters normally find more willing young people fresh from high
school graduation.
“We are fighting a war on two fronts,” one Pentagon official said. “Parental support has declined. That’s a big factor.”

Army misses recruiting goal again, raises worry - Yahoo! News

This war is not making us safer. Wars based on weak or false theories threaten the credibility of our country's military, and will make families skeptical about sending their sons and daughters into it for generations to come.

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