Thursday, July 19, 2007

Extensive Article on Ron Paul in this Sunday's NY Times

Ron Paul 2008: Ron Paul in New York Times Sunday Magazine

Whether the article's overall tone is positive or negative doesn't matter. What Dr. Paul needs right now is name recognition. When people hear him speak, his integrity sells itself.

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Anonymous said...

In theory, I would support Ron Paul, a man who Paul supports free trade, tighter border security, gun ownership, and a return to free market health care. He opposes the income tax, Medicare and Medicaid, universal health care, as well as federal sanctioning of same-sex marriage. He voted against same-sex adoption in Washington D.C. He is personally pro-life and opposed to abortion, which he thinks should not be regulated by the federal government, and accordingly that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. He also believes that the federal government should have no influence on education.

However, his calls for withdrawl from Iraq I find concerning, as it would most likely create more chaos and human destruction than our current course. Other than that, I like what Ron Paul has to say on abortion, taxes, healthcare, and trade.