Monday, July 16, 2007

Ron Paul is the US Military's #1 Choice

"Yes you heard me right. Now that all Q2 financial reports from both sides are publicized we can see who is getting money from where.

It has been no surprise that the contributions from the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, and US Veterans tends to favor the Republican Party but what might be a little surprising is that Congressman Ron Paul leads the pack overall with more contributions than even Senator John McCain. Here are the numbers (in dollars) as compiled by eaglescout over at


RON PAUL: 23,465 [6,975] [6,765] [4,650] [5,075]
McCain: 15,825 [6925] [6305] [1795] [800]
Romney: 3,551 [2,051] [0] [1500] [0]
Rudy: 2,320 [1,450] [370] [250] [250]
Hunter: 1000 [0] [1000] [0]
Richardson: 800 [50] [750] [0]
Huckabee: 750 [250] [0] [500]
Tancredo: 350 [350] [0] [0]
Brownback: 71 [71] [0] [0]
Thompson: 0 [0] [0] [0]

Units are contributions in dollars by employees of the respective military organizations (all numbers can be found via the FEC Website )."

Ron Paul is the US Military's #1 Choice | Students for Ron Paul

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Anonymous said...

Focus more on winning the nomination. If Ron Paul loses the nomination, it won't matter who gave what. Become a delegate in your state!

alan fine said...

Actually, when looking at the numbers, it appears that your table is statistically insignifiant. McCain, Romney, and Gulliani have large amounts from people who did not specify their employer, whereas Paul did not.

Cherry picking information to try to make a point?