Monday, July 30, 2007

Interesting: CEO Pay vs. Avg. Employee over 30 years

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Anonymous said...

Good for those guys!!

It's also great to see that over the past 30 years Americans now have multiple computers, cellphones, awesome innovations in medicine, technology, and our standard of living is such that even our poor people are fat.

Ask any american if they would take life now, or life 30 years ago, and I imagine that 90+ % would take today.

The fact that those who brought us these advancements are villified by the progressives is kind of sad.

TTH said...

pointing out facts = vilification?
What hysterics.
Conservatives confuse me. Pointing out facts doesn't mean regulation. Just like with global climate change. Pointing out the science doesn't mean regulation.
Free markets can can make change, but we have to look at facts. When conservatives go into attack mode just when confronted with simple facts about businesses, it makes me think they support the status quo, not free markets or capitalism. Afterall, free markets are about anything but staying stationary. There are good business models and bad ones. Capitalism works only when consumers are active and informed. What's wrong with consumers making a decision about what product they buy based on the company's allocation of resources? Does this threaten you somehow?