Thursday, June 7, 2007

Judge who fixed divorce cases sent to prison

"An ex-judge who accepted expensive gifts in exchange for helping fix divorce cases and a former state lawmaker convicted in a scheme to shake down a judicial candidate were sentenced to prison Tuesday.

Former Brooklyn state Supreme Court Justice Gerald Garson, 74, was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.

Garson, 74, wept as he asked for leniency, claiming the cigars, cash and other gifts never influenced his decisions. But he also admitted that when he saw hidden-camera videos of his shady dealings in chambers, "I was appalled, embarrassed and ashamed of my demeanor.""

Judge who fixed divorce cases sent to prison -

So, let's look at our justice system for a moment, shall we? This guy accepted small gifts as a judge. This is wrong, and deserves to be punished. Our legal system needs to be unbiased, and taking gifts, no matter how small, gives the air of impropriety, which is not acceptable. This guy's sentence is severe, and reflects the importance of this aspect of our legal system.

Now, let's take a look at our Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. He, and other members of the Bush administration, have been caught red-handed trying to purposely inject bias into the legal system. Not inject bias into one or two cases like the guy in this story, but THE WHOLE LEGAL SYSTEM. Now, you'd assume the punishment for this would be even more severe than what this guy received, right? Guess again.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I am excited to hear how Gonzales is able to "inject biase into...THE WHOLE LEGAL SYSTEM"

These kinds of emotional hysterics without fact are completely unconvincing. What are you even talking about? Is it hiring conservatives? Firing those who are not ideological friends? I don't understand your inference.

TTH said...

You want to see hysterics? Watch your idealogical brethren to this...."look! a terrorist! Quick, willingly give away all your rights and freedoms! We're all going to die! Ahhhhh!!!"

TTH said...

More hysterics..."Watch out for the media, it's liberal! Don't believe them!"

TTH said...

Look, both Alberto and Monica Goodling have admitted that they made mistakes. Ms. Goodling, under oath, said that she "crossed the line." These are their words, not mine. Why would you defend something that they aren't defending themselves?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are idiots.

But, your comment was "caught red-handed trying to purposely inject bias into the legal system. Not inject bias into one or two cases like the guy in this story, but THE WHOLE LEGAL SYSTEM."

Those are your words, not mine.

My offense with your approach is to start with a perfectly logical story of graft and the subsequent consequences of such graft, but then you impune the entire system based on the actions of Gonzalas.

TTH said...

Come on, we're not talking about a peon filing papers somewhere. When you are the head of an organization, you affect the whole system. If you run a company you set the tone, you set an example through actions, you let others know if this is an ethical company, one that obeys the law or bends it, you let others know through hirings and firings what behavior you expect. The scope is very big. He is the head lawyer in the government.