Thursday, June 7, 2007

GOP joins in mockery of rule of law

"Remember when the rule of law was important to Republicans?

Years before Scooter Libby was sentenced to prison, long before unannounced Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson was Libby's champion on the right. Republicans cared very much about the rule of law and perjury and obstruction of justice back then.

A few years ago, the priapic Democratic president could have made a fortune charging Republicans a quarter every time they used those three words. He kept the rule of law in business, when he wasn't on the phone in the Oval Office, talking to a congressman about sending American troops to the Balkans, while otherwise engaged with an intern under his desk."

GOP joins in mockery of rule of law | Chicago Tribune

Republicans love to say they see things in black & white, while Liberal "hippies" are wishy-washy and see shades of gray. Well, it appears they're right. They see black when they're out of power, then white when they're in power. Friggan' hypocrites.

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