Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Iraq becomes prime training ground for export of Jihadists

"Iraq has overtaken Afghanistan as an ideal training ground for Jihadists to export their battle across and beyond the Middle East, experts say. The new generation of Islamist militants in Iraq are more battle-hardened than their veteran anti-Soviet counterparts from Afghanistan, and the export of their Muslim "holy war" to calmer Arab countries has become a phenomenon."

Iraq becomes prime training ground for export of Jihadists - Yahoo! News

Again, we are not safer because of this war. We shouldn't believe, "they will follow us home," just like we should have believed, "they will welcome us with flowers," or "there are WMD's," or "it won't be a quagmire," or any other predictions the perpetuators of this war have put forth to us. They are lying or they are the worst political analysts in the history of the world. Either way, we should not believe their attempts to scare us anymore. If anything, we should do the exact opposite of what they suggest, as that seems to be what eventually turns out to be true.

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