Saturday, June 9, 2007

Putin Suggests New Missile Shield Site


Anonymous said...


Your ability to find fault with Bush has no limits.

Compromise...Bush Bad

Hard Line...Bush Bad

Mulilateral...Bush Bad

Unilateral...Bush Bad

TTH said...

I knew this would be the response. I knew after Bush had talked all his tough, unilateral "coalition of the willing," "dead or alive," "evildoer," "axis of evil," and "will not negotiate with terrorists or dictators," he would have to come around and actually be diplomatic with these countries. Now you have Condi flying to Iran, Bush sucking up to Putin, etc...

Here's the problem though, which I will demonstrate through an analogy...

Man & wife get two flat tires in the middle of a foreign country. He walks into a place that sells tires and asks how much to replace tires. Tire guy's country's custom is to bargain, so he says $1000. Man calls the guy all sorts of bad names, calls him a thief, pisses on the floor, gives him the finger then storms out of the garage with flair. His wife sees this display and gets a little moist in the panties. She's very impressed to see how strong and determined her husband is. So, they sit in the car and call around and quickly realize this is the only tire store within 900 miles. The man, despite his tough guy approach, failed to understand the position he was in and now must go back into the store in a severely undermined bargaining position.

By the way, you and the other people who used to support Bush are the wife in that analogy. You just loved all his tough talk. Liberals told you to be more diplomatic to resolve our differences and problems. You called us wimps, pussies, and flip-floppers.

But, guess what? We were right. We were right about everything. Bush an his supporters were wrong about everything. He can't go back and fix that. He has no credibility left. His positions have weakened this country.

Take a moment and soak that in, his tough guy, unilateral words and actions have weakened us. Kindness and diplomacy would have made us stronger.

Anonymous said...

For the faults you find, could have been much, much, much, worse.

I believe on September 11th, a concerned quote was "time to turn sand into glass". Yet, leadership from our President was that Islam is a religion of peace.

It's easy to find fault, very easy.

Yet, I have yet to hear from the truth handler, significant, realistic, tangible policy alternatives.

TTH said...

First realistic policy...get rid of leaders who have ruined our country's moral high ground, reputation, and international credibility.