Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Iraq 'has ruined case for liberal interventionism'

“Tony Blair has been told that his foreign policy of intervening in the world’s troublespots to uphold democrac is in tatters because of the disaster in Iraq.Senior Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs challenged the Prime Minister over whether his ‘liberal intervention’ strategy would survive after he leaves office next week because other countries were turning against it. They clashed with Mr Blair when he was quizzed for the last time by the Commons Liaison Committee, which is composed of the chairman of all the select committees. Mike Gapes, the Labour chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said the case for intervening in other countries in future would be ‘discredited and undermined’ by the experience in Iraq. He added that Mr Blair’s strategy was now ‘out of step’ with opinion around the world.”

Iraq 'has ruined case for liberal interventionism' - Independent Online Edition > UK Politics

It's time to admit you're wrong, NeoCons. The worm is turning.

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