Friday, June 8, 2007

Benchmarks: Escalating war

"The Pentagon claims that since January, U.S. forces have killed or captured more than 20,000 insurgents. Although this figure is impressive, it suggests that the total number of active insurgents has risen dramatically from the top level of only 20,000 in U.S. military estimates during much of 2005 and 2006."

United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Analysis

This is where I bang my head against the wall talking to supporters of this war. They continually state that there is some fixed number of terrorists, and that when we kill them, the war will be over. It makes no sense to me. They refuse to intuit that if another more-powerful country was occupying the U.S. that they would be the first ones to take actions which would make them an "insurgent" or "terrorist." They fail to understand that plain 'ol Iraqis are the ones attacking us now. They're not bad guys, they're just guys that want us out of their country...just like we would want, put in their shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Your logic is confusing. Are we, or are we not in an ideologial struggle with islamists that want US and Isreali influence out of their culture?

The problem is, we are part of their culture because we are thier biggest customers.

However, your call for independance from their oil doesn't solve the dilemma of our influence on their culture. China and Europe will still purchase thier oil, and we will still export Brittnay Spears. Nothing solved.

TTH said...

You don't think America going to another energy source is going to affect the price of oil...significantly?

Regarding a "cultural struggle," haven't countries been in this struggle since the beginning of time? The difference comes when we use force and CIA ops to intrude in their countries.