Friday, June 8, 2007

Council of Europe: Secret CIA Prisons Confirmed

"The Central Intelligence Agency secretly operated illegal prisons for terrorism suspects in multiple locations in Poland and Romania from 2003 to 2005, according to a report released today by the Council of Europe, a European intergovernmental human rights body.

The result of an investigation initiated in November 2005 by the council's Parliamentary Assembly under the leadership of assembly member and Swiss senator Dick Marty, the report provides evidence confirming allegations first made by Human Rights Watch in 2005 ( that locations in Poland and Romania were among sites used by the CIA for secret detention.

It concludes that there is "now enough evidence to state that secret detention facilities run by the CIA did exist in Europe from 2003 to 2005, in particular in Poland and Romania." It also finds that prisoners in these facilities were subjected to "interrogation techniques tantamount to torture."

"Today's report confirms that Poland and Romania helped the CIA operate illegal detention sites on their territory in violation of international law," said Joanne Mariner, terrorism and counterterrorism director at Human Rights Watch. "It is now clear that US officials illegally conspired with intelligence officials in several European countries to ‘disappear,' interrogate and illegally transfer terrorism suspects, flouting basic human rights norms."

The report suggests that President Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland and former President Ion Iliescu of Romania authorized the secret detentions."

Council of Europe: Secret CIA Prisons Confirmed

Our CIA purposely avoiding our legal system. This isn't the America I know. Torture? No, that's just not what our country is about.

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