Friday, June 8, 2007

Big Turkey incursion in Iraq would be U.S. nightmare

"A large-scale invasion of Northern Iraq by Turkish forces would be a nightmare for the United States and could destabilize the one part of the country that is relatively calm, analysts said on Thursday.

A Web site report on Wednesday that 50,000 Turkish troops
poured into Northern Iraq to fight Kurdistan Workers Party
(PKK) guerrillas set off alarms in Washington, where U.S.
officials scurried to try to find out what, if anything, had

Big Turkey incursion in Iraq would be U.S. nightmare - Yahoo! News

These are the sorts of regional complications the game below points toward. These don't seem to have been considered or prepared for by Bushco. Remember how mad the Republicans would get at those of us who warned them about getting into a "quagmire?" They adamantly said over and over, "It's won't be a quagmire like Vietnam!" They're right, it appears to be getting much worse.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly you need to read your Vietnam history. This is nothing close to the quagmire you want it to be.

TTH said...

Come on, admit it's a quagmire and that you were wrong. You can't deny that with a straight face, can you? Don't you remember all the rosy scenarios you were giving us back then? Where are your predictions?