Thursday, June 28, 2007

Political Chart - Members of Congress

"The two red dots in the libertarian quadrant are Ron Paul of Texas and Jeff Flake of Arizona."
2006 Freedom Democrats House Scorecard | Freedom Democrats

You can take the quiz yourself - click here.

What the chart shows is that Republicans are NOT for small government, by any definition. They are philosophically authoritarian. They prefer less economic and less personal freedoms for us all. Despite their go-go "they hate us for our freedoms" rhetoric, they themselves prefer we have less freedoms. Please keep this in mind next time a Republican tries to tell you that s/he votes that way because they don't like "big government." Maybe you can unburden them from the propaganda which has manipulated them.

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1 comment:

stevenswall said...

Would you mind posting how that Nolan chart was made, or where you got it from? I'd like to use it, but need the source.