Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bush Reassures Putin

""It's much better to work together than to create tensions," Bush said after the meeting. "He expressed his concerns to me. He is concerned that the missile defense system is not an act that a friend would do."

Bush said the men agreed to share ideas, and involve officials from the U.S. State Department, Department of Defense and military."

Bush, Putin agree to cooperate on missile shield plan -

Republicans love to throw around the tough talk..."The U.S. (under Bush) will not negotiate with dictators and terrorists." Well, look what you've got here, folks. Your tough-talk guru is sucking up to the guy that's reversing Democracy's course in Russia. The worst part is that Bush has to suck up to him because of his own actions. His unilateral foreign policy has made other nations not trust us. We have no credibility anymore. We lied to get into the war, now our word about what we're using the missiles for is no longer valid. Further, his war to acquire oil has driven up the price and made our country more reliant on the stuff...the stuff Putin has tons of. So, congratulations Republicans. Your lack of foresight, unwillingness to cooperate, tough-guy worship, and basic lack of wisdom "have weakened a country today Caffey."

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