Thursday, May 10, 2007

Putin Compares U.S. to Third Reich

"President Putin lashed out at US unilateralism saying the US is driving the world in the same direction that Germany's Third Reich did."

Press TV

I miss the good 'ol days when we were the shining beacon for the world. To give guys like Putin any basis whatsoever for making these claims (which we have) makes me sick.


Whatever said...

(Whatever here)
Back from vacation...

What the heck are you talking about? When has the president of Russia ever held us out as the shining beacon for the world?

In order to make you sick, you must actually believe that we are "driving the world in the same direction " of the Third Reich.

Since I don't believe that, it doesn't make me sick.

It makes me sick that anyone would listen to the tyrant Putin.

TTH said...

Lots of people/countries listen to Putin. Are you unaware of that country's growing influence in the world? Thanks, of course, to the growing money in his bank account from increased oil prices, and the world's continued reliance on oil. That's the whole point of my posting the point out the sad fact that the U.S.'s influence and credibility around the world is diminishing, while his (agreed, a tyrant) is increasing. I feel that we are aiding that scenario because of our foreign relations actions. This is what makes me sick.