Tuesday, May 29, 2007

US economy overtaken by EU, Japan

"The Organization for Economic Development has said that economic growth in other rich countries has overtaken the United States this year. "

Press TV

That plan to cut taxes with no rollback in spending doesn't appear to be working very well. How many failed experiments with "supply-side economics" do you people need before you realize that Republicans just want lower taxes because they want lower taxes...that's it. It's not about boosting the economy. It's not about economic synergies. It's not about putting pressure on future generations to get rid of Social Security or Medicare. They had the past 6 years to cut spending and they didn't. They increased spending MORE then the Democrats had. They even increased spending on pork-barrel projects they had blamed on the Democrats for 20 years, such as the NEA, the EPA, and Education. Do you see now?

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