Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bush has NOT cut taxes

"The Republican Party claims to be the party of limited government and economic freedom. Don't believe it. Republicans have shown that when they are in power they are even more fiscally irresponsible than their Democratic counterparts, and that takes some doing."

Bush has NOT cut taxes - Mises Institute

Mises is a great organization with a great website, but a bit heavy for those not into economics. The thrust of the article is that when you include all the spending the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress has given to our children and grandchildren, our obligations are NOT being cut, just delayed and shifted onto another generation.

Republicans continue to purport the lie that they are fiscally responsible and Democrats are not. That they are for low taxes and less spending. It's time to stop believing this. There is a billboard on a highway near here, paid for by a taxpayer's league, that states "Liberalism 101: tax, tax, tax. spend, spend, spend." The lie continues to be pushed on us. Don't believe it, and don't let them keep saying it unchallenged.

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