Friday, August 20, 2010

Chalmers Johnson: We Face a Choice Between Coming Home and Economic Collapse

The American Conservative » This Is the Way the Empire Ends
"So where are we this August of 2010, with guns blazing in one war in Afghanistan even as we try to extricate ourselves from another in Iraq? Where are we, as we impose sanctions on Iran and North Korea (and threaten worse), while sending our latest wonder weapons, pilotless drones armed with bombs and missiles, into Pakistan’s tribal borderlands, Yemen, and who knows where else, tasked with endless “targeted killings” which, in blunter times, used to be called assassinations? Where exactly are we, as we continue to garrison much of the globe even as our country finds itself incapable of paying for basic services?"

We cannot afford to police the world. Scale it back now, or our debtors will eventually scale it back for us.

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