Sunday, October 14, 2007

US General Damns Iraq 'Nightmare'

BBC NEWS | Middle East | US general damns Iraq 'nightmare'

Gen Ricardo Sanchez: US leaders "incompetent" and "corrupted". Calls Iraq "a nightmare with no end in sight".

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Anonymous said...


Are you serious? Do you know who Sanchez is? He is the same guy that you and your ilk accused of "torture, abuse, and torture" at Abu Ghraib. He was run out of his post. Of course he faults them. If you read the account in the NYT, he also accuses the media of being completely incompetent in its coverage of Iraq.

You are so easily fooled by the liberals.


TTH said...

lol...from someone that throws around "hysterical" and "conspiracy theorists" labels all the time. I know, dude, everyone is wrong. All the generals saying the exact same thing as this guy are wrong. The American public is wrong. The majority of countries around the world are wrong.

I was "fooled" by this guy?! You're saying I wasn't able to determine on my own that this war has been run by "incompetent" and "corrupted" officials?

Anonymous said...

I may agree that the war has been handled poorly in some cases, and I agree, Sanchez's words need to be heard.