Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To Implement Policy, Bush to Turn to Administrative Orders

The White House plans to try implementing as much new policy as it can by administrative order while stepping up its confrontational rhetoric with Congress after concluding that President Bush cannot do much business with the Democratic leadership, administration officials said.According to those officials, Bush and his advisers blame Democrats for the holdup of Judge Michael B. Mukasey's nomination to be attorney general, the failure to pass any of the 12 annual spending bills, and what they see as their refusal to involve the White House in any meaningful negotiations over the stalemated children's health-care legislation.
To Implement Policy, Bush to Turn to Administrative Orders -

Using more administrative orders to implement new "policy." I'm pretty sure that's not how Schoolhouse Rock told me the U.S. government works in its epic, "I'm only a bill."

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Anonymous said...

By most accounts, this Democrat congress has been a miserable failure. Thier approval ratings are LOWER than Bush's. Quite an accomplishment.

The Truth Handler said...

If the American people voted for one branch of government controlled by one party, and another branch from a different party, then they voted for gridlock. One branch of government shouldn't take it upon themselves to work around the system. This is America, this is our system.