Tuesday, October 30, 2007

During WWII, U.S. Gives Japanese Officer 15 Years Hard Labor for Waterboarding "War Crime"

[In] 1947, the United States charged a Japanese officer, Yukio Asano, with war crimes for carrying out another form of waterboarding on a U.S. civilian. The subject was strapped on a stretcher that was tilted so that his feet were in the air and head near the floor, and small amounts of water were poured over his face, leaving him gasping for air until he agreed to talk.
Pensito Review » Mukasey Won’t Say Waterboarding Is Torture But in 1947 the U.S. Called It a War Crime, Sentenced Enemy Officer to 15 Years Hard Labor

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Anonymous said...

I think instead of preening in front of the cameras, if Congress feels waterboarding is torture, they should pass a law making it expressly illegal. Why give the AG the ability to interpret the law, when they can clearly write one themselves.

I agree with you, waterboarding is torture and we shouldn't torture anyone.