Monday, September 1, 2008

Russia's government declares its superiority over the West, claims America is on weak ground militarily and morally due to Iraq

"The U.S. and other Western nations may not like what Russia is doing,
but officials in Moscow believe those countries lack the leverage,
strength or unity to intervene, analysts say."

Russia sees Georgia outcome as proof of its dominance - Los Angeles Times

One of the reasons the supporters of this war used to justify staying, was that if we didn't, we'd look weak to our enemies. Well, they were wrong. We look weak by staying, and we look weak to Russia and China, actual countries with missiles, not just some guys in caves. What the Neo-Cons and their supporters don't realize is that the use of our guns don't make us look strong, it's how and when we use them. If you don't behave morally, it doesn't matter how big your show of strength.

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