Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston Legal Speech


Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. I especially liked the picture of Bill Mahr and Rosie O'Fat floating around.

Last I checked, those morons are still at large, unimprisoned, and free to say whatever the hell they want.

Also, the text scrolling at the end contains numerous factual errors.

Seriously TTH, I thought you were smarter than this.

The Truth Handler said...

I was smart enough to know that Iraq was a mistake and that Bush would be a bad president. Maybe it's more important to be smart about those things.

Anonymous said...

You were right. But, you strain your credibility by aligning yourself with these KooKoos (or is it coo coos).

The Truth Handler said...

I think the video points out that Rosie and Maher were attacked as being unpatriotic for speaking out against our Supreme Leader. As far as my alignment goes, I went to Midas and it all checks out.

Anonymous said...

I see your point, however, Rosie O'Fat and Maher still, as I just checked, are at large, and Maher still has a TV show.

Could it be that they wither under criticism? I mean, if Bush really were the Supreme Leader, would Maher still have a TV show? I think some perspective is in order.

Obama this week threatened legal action against TV stations for airing ads critical of him. The ads pushed the truth, to be true, however, the repercussions are chilling. A candidate for President is threating the FCC license of TV networks for airing criticisms of him.

I look forward to TTH's take on this!

The Truth Handler said...

If you disagree with them, then you disagree with them. They're not "unpatriotic".

Which is it, threatening lawsuit or threatening FCC license? I don't have a problem with a slander-type lawsuit, but yes, threatening an FCC license would be problematic.