Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Venezuelan law allows warrantless wiretapping and manipulation of the judicial process to favor the government over the rights of the accused

BBC NEWS | Americas | Venezuela 'spy' law draws protest: "Mr Chavez argues the law will help Venezuela guarantee its national security and prevent assassination plots and military rebellions."

Good thing we live in America, where that would never, ever happen.


Anonymous said...

Your inability to discern the differences is astounding.

Here we have an actual abuse of peoples rights, and your first response is to try to present an American corralary.


The Truth Handler said...

The parallel I draw is that the desire to centralize power is ever-present. Read your Constitution. It's all about checking this natural, human desire for power over others' lives. All sorts of excuses are used to justify it, from "security" to "stability," but the result is the same, loss of freedom.