Friday, June 13, 2008

McCain Says He's Never Supported Privatizing Social Security, But He Has

Think Progress » McCain denies his record of supporting Social Security privatization.:

- “Without privatization, I don’t see how you can possibly, over time, make sure that young Americans are able to receive Social Security benefits.” [C-Span Road to the White House, 11/18/2004]

- “As part of Social Security reform, I believe that private savings accounts are a part of it — along the lines that President Bush proposed.” [Wall Street Journal, 3/3/2008]

McCain is nuts. Does he not remember? Why would he contradict himself so obviously?


Anonymous said...

I agree, McCain is nuts. Trust me, he will make TTH wax nostalgic about the glory days of GWB.

The Truth Handler said...

I find that hard to believe, but I hope you're wrong, anyway.