Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Are Bribing Insurgents to Not Attack U.S. Troops

"President Bush failed to see the irony in using a financial metaphor to explain his new benchmark for withdrawing troops from Iraq. He says the more we succeed in places like Anbar province, the more troops we can bring home. He calls the policy "return on success." Only, "success" in Anbar is really just a return on U.S. financial inducements to tribal sheiks. Instead of dropping bombs in Iraq, we're now dropping bundles of cash in the laps of insurgents who without the crude bribes would no doubt return to ambushing our troops. If the surge has worked, it's due in large part to a surge in bribes, not troops. And that kind of success cannot last."
A Surge in Bribes - by Paul Sperry

What a brilliant military tactic! This is surely the road to long-term peace. This is clearly just a political move to keep the civil war under control through the elections. Is this really what we want to keep our soldiers in the line of fire for?

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