Monday, February 21, 2011

Hank Paulson: "We had no choice but to fly by the seat of our pants, making it up as we went along"

OK folks, this is VERY important to understand...Mr. Paulson is admitting that he was just guessing. Trillions of dollars on GUESSING. Stealing from other generations for GUESSING. Bailing out corrupt banksters because of a GUESS. But wait, when he and Geithner went in front of Congress asking for money, they assured us the SYSTEM WAS GOING TO COLLAPSE. They didn't equivocate. They didn't tell us they were unsure. They said most assuredly they had not doubt THE SYSTEM WAS GOING TO COLLAPSE.
Here's the important part...Hank Paulson is not a FORTUNE TELLER. I know this is a shock to you, because you seem to stubbornly retain this idiotic belief that those you've put in charge of manipulating the financial system can predict the future. THEY CAN'T! GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULL!

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