Saturday, September 4, 2010

Obama's Chief of Staff: "F*ck the UAW"

More taunts to the Democratic base - Joan Walsh -
Another day, another disappointment for progressive Democrats. We learn from former auto-industry car czar Steve Rattner that Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said "Fuck the UAW" during tough takeover talks...

Having the government own GM is having an interesting effect on their perception.  Liberals supported the various bailouts because they wanted to "save jobs."  This is an asinine idea on many levels.  First, corporations aren't U.S. citizens. They "live" in many countries, and the jobs they create are all over.  They have no national allegiances.  There are numerous blog posts below showing where bailed-out corporations have been "creating jobs" over the past couple years, and it's NOT in the U.S.  Also, as you can see from Rahm's quote above, being an owner changes your goals.  GM isn't trying to create jobs, it's trying to survive.  You know what would have "created jobs?"  Letting GM die, then allowing new businesses, with better products, buy-up those factories on the cheap.  Then we'd be making wind turbines or electric cars or something consumers actually want, and can be run profitably.

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