Saturday, July 18, 2009

People are now starting to get how the Banks created a false panic and stole our money


Anonymous said...

Too little, too late. The whole of America is broke, figuratively and literally. The question is: with what do we replace it?

Anonymous said...

They need to pay us back or be prosecuted for thieft by deception. Or they could tell us why they gave money to certain banks and not others, this would be on the record after being sworn in thank you very much. People need to wake up and know they golden rule. They can do anything, we can do nothing.

Anonymous said...

if taxes were lowered they could jump start the economy

Anonymous said...

lol now all the major news networks are starting to swicth sides because they see something happening.if im not mistaken they seem to be playin both

Anonymous said...

the U.S. is a bloated corpse in the hot July sun. It's dead. Rule of Law is gone. Legitimate government is a long ago thing of the distant past. Honor and Integrity departed a long time ago, too. All that was left was to loot the cash register on the way out of this Geithner looted liquor store.

people better realize that thirty years ago was a good time to wake the f**k up, and now it's definitely too late. Martial Law and a violent civil war are about to happen here, and the government will be overthrown. How much more time before this comes to pass, is anyone's guess, but I doubt there will be a United States in the year 2012. It'll be provinces run by regional governors, no more trust in a central government once this is over. We cannot trust assholes 3,000 miles away to give a rat's weiner about our lives where we live, and it's being borne out as the sad, reality and truth.

The 'replacement' America will be a third world, barely able to sustain itself, shadow of what it was.

We blew it, folks. We let the government get too powerful and too disconnected. And it's over now.

Freedom and Liberty are gone. dead.