Friday, April 10, 2009

Complicated tax returns befuddle and frighten Americans

"Even the Internal Revenue Service’s taxpayer advocate declares that “it adds insult to injury that … taxpayers today find filing so complicated that they feel compelled to pay transaction fees simply to file their taxes.”"

Complicated tax returns befuddle and frighten Americans | McClatchy

Complicated tax codes, corporate laws, OSHA laws, SEC laws, FDA laws, etc... don't benefit the average American. They benefit the wealthy and powerful who can afford lawyers and accountants to find loopholes in that law, or even better, lobbyists to build the loopholes into the law (thus making them even more arcane and complicated).

Liberals who think they are helping the poor, uneducated, and underprivileged by enacting draconian laws and regulations to restrict the evildoing of those big corporate evil guys are working against their purpose. Who do you think is hurt from all the forms and Food & Safety regulations and building code requirements and OSHA standards necessary to open a restaurant? McDonald's or Sally White (who just so happens to make the best damn ribs in the whole world, and wants to open a small place in her neighborhood)?

Of course all the poor people are eating at McDonald's!!! No one else can afford to open a goddamn place down the street to compete with them!

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