Friday, April 18, 2008

British sailors captured by Iran were in disputed waters

British sailors captured by Iran were in disputed waters: report - Yahoo! News: "Citing documents released by the defence ministry under Freedom of Information laws, the newspaper said the contingent of Britons was captured because the US-led coalition in Iraq had unilaterally designated a maritime boundary for Iraq and Iran without informing the latter."

Remember how the news and the Bush administration cited this as Iranian aggression, calling it a "kidnapping?" Well, the Iranians returned them quickly, without being tortured, even though they were the ones in the right, and the ones being threatened. We've held people in Guantanamo for YEARS from whom we felt threatened and are only now slowly releasing them without filing any charges. It's a sad day when Iran, the country our government is telling us is our enemy, is treating their prisoners better than we are.

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