Monday, November 19, 2007

Chavez Tells OPEC to Use Politics to Curb U.S. `Imperialism' Worldwide

Aren't you glad we're burdening our children and grandchildren with a $2.4 trillion bill, for a war designed to keep us dependent on oil, the product making these countries rich and keeping these guys in power? It's a brilliant strategy. Take out a ton of loans from China, which makes us vulnerable to their political whims. This then devalues the Dollar, which makes us more vulnerable to all other countries. OK, then with that loaned money, fight a war which triples the price of oil (which also puts pressure on the Dollar) and enriches some of the worst dictators on earth, all the while being a bully, which drives them together to join forces against us. Finally, enact policies which run counter to your rhetoric of spreading freedom and democracy, thus destroying the U.S.'s reputation, Constitution, and symbol of hope to the world all at once.
All these KNOWN, sunk costs have been spent on THEORY (one that no one should believe anymore) that if you kill SOME guys living in the desert who hate America and wish to do it harm, you will stop people from hating America and doing it harm.
It's time to bring them home. Can't you see we are making our country weaker and less safe? Our country's strength was in our financial health and our political example to the world. We beat the USSR with these things, not by invading and occupying.

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